4 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Are you slamming the brakes on your weight loss with any of these common mistakes?

You’re doing everything right with your nutrition and training. So why aren’t you losing weight? Whether you’ve hit a dreaded plateau or just never seem to be able to lose weight, I bet I know the answer. Take a look at these four common weight loss mistakes and see if it might apply to you...

1. You’re Actually Eating More Than You Think

Did you watch that amazing TV programme “Secret Eaters”? You know, the one where they followed people around with hidden cameras, and then revealed the true extent of everything they ate (all piled up on a big table)? It was shocking, right? What do you think your own “big reveal” table of food might look like. The fact is, if you’re not losing weight, you are not in a calorie deficit. And the most likely culprit for that is your calorie intake. Put simply, you are probably eating more than you think. It’s very common and can be a completely honest mistake. Unless you track your food and keep a food diary, it’s really easy to miss snacks, nibbles, bites, and little extras. 

There can be a huge difference between what you think you’re eating, and the truth of what you are really eating. How often, portion sizes, food choices, and of course the calories in the foods. 

The solution? Track your food for at least 7 days. Make sure you track a weekday and a weekend day to get a realistic view of your habits. Record everything - every bite, nibble, taste and extra. Don’t forget drinks, coffees, food people give you, leftovers from the kids’ dinners. It all adds up...

2. You’re Not Active Enough

Weight loss is a simple equation of energy balance. Calories in (what you eat and drink) vs calories out (all your activity). Calories “out” is about more than your dedicated workout sessions and cardio. What is your daily routine like? If you sit at a desk all day, drive or commute to work, and spend most of your evening on the sofa, your energy output is a lot lower than you would want to admit. To get weight loss moving again, YOU need to get moving!

The solution? Pay attention to your “NEAT” which stands for “Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis”. This is all the activity you do on a daily basis, outside of your workouts and gym visits. Think walking, standing, using the stairs, doing manual chores at home and in the garden, using a basket not a trolley at the shops... it all adds up. This is where I do like the common trend of “Fit Bits’. They get people tracking; they get people moving especially when you set a daily goal of say hitting 10k steps. Often an office worker could do 9-5pm look at a Fit Bit and only be on 2-3k.

3. You Go To The Gym... But You Don’t Train Hard Enough?

I’m not going to be popular with this one, but I’m afraid it has to be said... lots of people just don’t train with enough intensity when they go to the gym. Swiping your gym membership card is not enough to kick-start weight loss. You actually have to put the work in. Training intensity is key to weight loss and on-going weight management. Train big body parts. Make your workouts progressive. Challenge yourself. Work up a sweat and get out of your comfort zone. 

The solution? Fire up your workout’s with some intensity. Leave your phone in your locker. Keep rest periods to a minimum. Don’t take the easy option. You’ve given up the time to go the gym, so make it worth your while!

If you struggle with your program design, or feel you're training but not really feeling like you're doing much, get in touch with me, drop me an email - i'd be more than happy to help you out.

4. Inconsistency In Your Weight Loss Habits

There are no quick-fixes in fat loss and managing your weight. It’s a case of doing lots of small things right, most of the time, for a long time. If that sounds boring, re-frame it! By mastering the habits of life-long lean living, you are learning an amazing skill. The key is consistency. Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s more important to do things 90% right, every day, than it is to do things 100% for a few days and then fall off the diet wagon.

The solution? Banish yo-yo diet syndrome and start living a healthier lifestyle. Stop dieting. Start living. Just make sure you are living healthier, with every day consistent habits which are in line with your weight loss goals.

If you have read this and still feel confused about what you should be doing to reach your goal, get in contact with me and I will help you get on track and get you moving in the right direction. That’s my job!