If you slip up with your eating, do you hit the “F*ck It” button and let the day unravel? There’s a better way. Let’s talk about how you can get back on track, even if you slip up early in the day.

Christmas is around the corner. Temptation will be everywhere. The chances are you’re going to have some “bad” meals, sweet snacks, or even some booze early on in the day.

How will you cope with that? There are two kinds of people:

1) The people who say “screw it, I’ve already eaten some cr*p today, the day is a write-off”.
2) The people who pause, draw a line under it, and get back on track.

Which are you? The good news is that even if you’re in category 1 right now, you can work towards being the 2nd type this Christmas!

November, December and January can be tricky times for healthy eating. It’s pretty easy to eat bad stuff, drink more than usual, and let things slip. Let’s face it, treats are everywhere… chocolate at work, seasonal stuff in the shops, beers with mates, extra family events.

Celebrating with friends and family is great! Nobody is saying you should eat like you do when you’re getting ready for your Summer holiday. But it really is possible to stay on track at this time of year, even with the extra treats! The key lies in having the treat… then getting back on track. Don’t let one “naughty” bit of food or drink de-rail your entire day.

Have you ever done this? People have a habit of eating one little bit of bad food (usually something that wasn’t planned), then hitting what I call the “F*ck It!“ button. Your F*ck It button is the one which activates the mindset which says “well, I had 4 biscuits, so I might as well finish the pack”, or “I’ve had 3 beers, I wasn’t even going out tonight, well I might as well drink all night now then!”

Crazy isn’t it?

I heard a great analogy which really drives home how silly this mindset is...

If you were walking down stairs and you slipped and missed a step, would you pause, realise what you did, and then decide to throw yourself down to the bottom?

Of course you wouldn’t. You’d be glad that you’d managed to stop after just missing one step, and you’d take a breath and be more careful on the way down.

So try the same with any food or drink “slips” over Christmas.

If you have a terrible morning of food - that’s OK! Just stop, breath, and reset. You still have the rest of the day. Make the next meal a good one, and have a “good” afternoon and evening. The day is not over until it’s over!

If Monday doesn’t go to plan - that’s OK! You still have Tuesday and the rest of the week. Go back to the structure and routine that you know works for you, and set it in motion.

Here are 4 strategies which will help you get back on track over Christmas:

  1. Have a set plan that you know works for you. This could be a simple meal plan, a daily structure, or a morning wake-up routine. Whatever you know helps you stay rooted to your good habits. Connect to it during this busy time of year.
  2. Prep some basic, tasty meals and keep them in the fridge or freezer. Make them appealing enough (now is not the time for restriction!) but clean and healthy, so you always have something to fall back on. Your body will thank you.
  3. Make time every day to move. This could be a training session or just a walk. Move your body, work up a bit of a sweat, and get that endorphin release. Do this even when you don’t feel like it. It will get you back on track and make you feel more positive about staying there.
  4. Top and tail your day. Take at least 5 minutes for yourself every morning and evening, even if you are staying away over the Christmas period. Make this time for you, whether you like to read something positive, journal, stretch, go for a walk, or meditate. Book-ending your days like this really helps.

Hope this article has helped you/will help you over the Xmas period.

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