The SECRET Supplement you’re missing

Most of you are reading this article because the title grabbed your attention! Well now that I’ve got your attention, it’s time to share my secret…

This is the supplement I recommend to all of my clients and has helped me to get some INSANE transformations.

Everyone loves supplements, everyone is always chasing that ONE supplement that will make that 1% difference. There is a supplement for everything nowadays and the marketing is so good that just reading the labels of these products would have you believe that you should be taking everything on the shelves.

If you studied 100 great physiques and analysed what they did every day, what they ate, how they trained, what supplements they took, they would all have one thing in common.

And it’s the magic pill…

It’s called “CONSISTENCY

I hope nobody is searching “consistency” in Google right now trying to order 100 tablets because guess what… it’s free!

What do I actually mean when I say consistency?

People with great physiques have been repeating productive daily habits over and over again; day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year. 

For example; CONSISTENTLY training hard 5 times per week, CONSISTENTLY training outside of their comfort zone, pushing themselves for 2 extra reps when they had nothing left, CONSISTENTLY getting their nutrition right 80% of the time and picking themselves up for training when it was the last thing they wanted to do that day.

Too many people start going to the gym and become frustrated when they don’t see results quickly enough. They will then compare themselves to one of their fitness icons and feel demotivated because the person they follow on social media is stronger, bigger or leaner than themselves.  They will then search everything about that person to try and figure out why they are stronger, bigger or leaner than themselves and why they can’t get the same results. Researching what supplements they take, what time of the day they take their creatine and whether they do cardio fasted or non-fasted.

But if you’re doing what I just mentioned above you’re missing the point. There is no secret answer, there is no magic diet plan that is better than all the others, the key is consistency and patience.

If you keep consistent and keep repeating good daily habits eventually you will force your body to change and get the results you deserve.

So my advice to anyone reading this article is to stop looking for the magic pills, secret exercises and quick fixes… they DON’T EXIST!

What does exist is CONSISTENCY and HARD WORK.

Don’t compare your 1-year training gains against someone else’s 10-year training gains.

Start off by setting yourself short, medium and long-term goals;

Set yourself a long-term (1 year goal). Say to yourself, one year from today where do I want to be? How do I want to look? What do I want to have achieved?
E.g. I want to lose 3 1/2 stone and run a half marathon

Then set yourself a medium-term goal (monthly) that is in line with your long term goal
E.g. I need to lose 4lbs per month and be able to run 2k by the end of January.

Then set yourself a mini short term goals every week that follow onto your medium term goals
E.g. I need to stick to my nutrition plan 80% of the time, and complete my 3 runs and 3 weight sessions this week

Keep consistently hitting those short-term goals week after week and over a YEAR watch how far you PROGRESS!