The Benefits of Liquid Kcals

“Liquid Kcals… A dieters worst enemy or a gainers best friend”

Liquid kcals are often discussed negatively as the hidden enemy of a dieter. However, I am going to talk about the benefits of liquid kcals and how they can be a gainers best friend.

One of the most common excuses I hear from clients when they are bulking is that they couldn’t eat all the food on their plan. Personally, when I need to consume anything over 4,000 kcals I like to include some liquid kcals to make it easier for myself.

Below are some examples of using liquid kcals in the right way:

1. Power Coffee

Coconut oil is a “must-have” item in your shopping basket, whatever your training goal. I like to add x1 tbsp. of coconut oil into my morning coffee which will add an extra 14g of fat (14 x 9 = 126kcals) into your daily macros, do it twice a day and there’s 252kcals.

The other benefit of a “Power Coffee” when taken pre-training is the immediate energy the coconut oil will provide to fuel your workout due to the MCT (medium chain triglycerides) in the oil. If you’re not a coffee lover, then add the oil into a green tea or any other herbal tea.

2. The workout window

If your goal is to build muscle and you’re drinking water during your workout…you’re missing a trick!

The “Workout Window” is arguably the most important time to fuel your muscles for growth.

When blood is flowing to the working muscle during your workout, you need a carb drink that is easily digestible and won’t put too much stress on your digestive system. There are two that I would recommend and they are Vitargo and my preferred favorite Cyclic Dextrin. Mix anywhere from 20-50g of carbs with 5-10g of BCAA and sip throughout the workout.

The benefits of these intra-workout carbs can include; improved recovery between sessions, reduced DOMS, better pumps during the workout.

3. Mass gainers

Mass Gainers can have a place in a diet! However, I would suggest not until kcals are over 4,500-5,000 kcals. If you’re consuming 2,000-3,000 kcals per day, I don’t think there is any need to drink 1,000 kcals in one go.

Over the last 6 weeks I have been eating around 5,000 kcals per day and I have benefited massively from drinking Grenade Machine Mass post workout, providing me with 1,000 kcals in one shake! This would still leave with 4,000 calories to consume from food…

4. Go Homemade

Not every mass gainer on the market is high quality, some are laced with sugars and additives so making a homemade shake can be useful.

There are two times in the day where I have benefited from a home-made smoothie option; first thing in the morning when I am in a rush to get out of the house for work and post workout. Below are 2 examples of smoothies I use regularly to get those calories in (quantities of ingredients can be tweaked to fit your macro’s).

Smoothie Option 1:

  • 30g whey protein (chocolate)
  • 100g oats
  • X3 scoops peanut butter
  • X1 banana
  • X1 tbsp. runny honey
  • Mixed with water or milk

Protein: 53g, Carbs: 85g, Fats: 33g, Kcals = 847 

Smoothie Option 2:

  • 30g whey protein (vanilla)
  • 100g oats
  • X1 avocado
  • X1 banana or mango
  • Mixed with water or milk

Protein: 45g, Carbs: 106g, Fats: 35g, Kcals = 773

5. A few more…

Orange juice is another great example which I use in my nutrition plans.

If you are dieting, you will be looking to control your blood sugar levels. When the goal is bulking up and adding size, control of your blood sugar becomes less of an issue. A simple glass of Orange Juice (250ml) can provide you with 25-30g of carbs, which would be the equilvant of eating 50g of oats. This can be a nice addition to a breakfast or post workout meal. Add 2 glasses in a day…and you go see where I’m going with it! 

Last but not least is the tried and tested chocolate milk.

“WHAT!? You’re recommending chocolate milk!?”… Well, yes I am.

The proportion of carbs, proteins and fat in the average chocolate milkshake makes it a perfect recipe for after a sports game or intense weights session. The average 500ml carton of chocolate milk will provide you with; 14g of protein, 54g of carbs and just 5g of fat.

So, the next time you’re staring at a plate of rice, bowl of oats or a huge sweet potato thinking that you can’t finish this meal; force feeding each mouthful, just think of these points I have made above and consider the liquid calorie alternatives.

I hope this article has enlightened you on how liquid calories can be used in a positive way.

If you are having trouble structuring your nutrition for bulking or cutting; why not get in contact and have a professional, bespoke nutrition plan made for you by emailing me.