Ros Reynolds

"This is my story of fitness and cancer and how I came to train with Adam...

I’ve been lucky in that I’ve always loved sport, probably my older brother’s influence. When I was a teenager I played in the tennis team for the local club and in September 1979 we won the U16s Inter Club Championships. On the first day of my Christmas holidays of the same year, I could barely move, was taken to hospital and diagnosed with leukemia. I was 15. I was to have chemotherapy everyday for the next 7 years, by drip or by tablet.

When I was at home I did my best to regain my fitness, even playing in the teams again. A group of us decided that we would do the next Wolverhampton marathon. We trained and fortunately I was well enough on the day to do it, I was 19 then. Some people become famous singers, I was a celebrity in medical circles. Lol.

In 1986 my treatment ended and I continued to run and to play tennis. In 1998 I was diagnosed with a very rare and untreatable cancer caused by the treatment that I’d had for leukemia. Things looked very bleak, but one day the doctor said some people do survive. This was like winning the lottery, only better. Time for action. I stopped eating meat and after the tumour was removed, took out a five year membership to a new gym in Wolverhampton. I also started doing something I’d always wanted to: triathlons. 

There are obviously many factors involved, but this is my own personal story and my own personal reaction, based on my belief in the importance of fitness. I shall never know if it made an iota of difference, but it made me feel better. 

After the tennis clubs and gym that I used closed, I went to Fitness First Wednesbury. I felt I needed guidance, I needed a PT. I’d never used weights and my shoulder had been damaged by the operation, so my arms were quite weak. It was with some trepidation that I approached Adam. I needn’t have worried; I was treated with the same respect and consideration as his stronger clients. I was never made to feel silly for needing assistance to press small weights. Neither was he afraid to push me to higher levels than I would have pushed myself, but never pushing it too far.

Knowledge is to be shared. This is what Adam does, willingly and generously to all those who wish to listen. My training routine changed completely; now I head for the weights not the treadmill. I learn so much about how to train and what to eat. My breakfasts have been revolutionised. 

When Adam went to Ultimate Fitness Birmingham, so did I. Every week when possible, I jump on the tram in Bilston and go to Birmingham. I have been training with Adam for about five years now. I love each session as much as I did the first one. It never feels like another day at the office.

I love leg days, super sets and circuits, but doing power lifting with Adam has been another amazing thing. My weight dropped from 62kg to 53kg. I love powerlifting, especially deadlifts, it's a great thrill to feel strong. 

As well as going to work, I’m also my mother’s carer. I can’t train as often as I’d like to and the sleepless nights can be hard, but when you’re trying to lift a lump of metal off the floor, you forget your other worries.

With Adam’s expertise my goals are to lift 90kg, I’m on 85kg at the moment, to achieve a better back squat position, to stay fit and healthy and to continue to train with Adam for as long as possible. There is no need for me to recommend Adam, it speaks for itself."