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 Join today & TRANSFORM Your Body Like 1000’s of Other Men & Women


If you’re reading this page, there’s a good chance you’re frustrated with how you currently look and feel and want professional help.

For the last 10 years, I’ve helped 1000’s of men and women lose stubborn body-fat, build lean muscle and regain their confidence…

  • Tried every diet under the sun and still can’t lose weight?

  • Lost weight in the past but struggle to KEEP it off?

  • Lacking the motivation and knowledge to achieve the body of your dreams?

  • Confused and don’t know what to eat or how to train?

  • Fed up with how you look and feel every day of the week?

…then you’re on the right page. Keep reading!

When you work with me here’s what you’ll achieve:

  • Build rock hard lean muscle

  • Shed pounds of unwanted body fat

  • Get into the shape of your life without restricting your food choices

  • Not waste unnecessary time in the gym being a slave to a treadmill

  • Look and feel more attractive

  • Equip yourself with the knowledge of how to get in shape an STAY in shape.


Here is what a few of my clients have to say…


 Introducing the Team AJPerformance


When you sign up to work with me you become a member of my exclusive coaching team.

As soon as you join, here’s what you’ll get...

Working with Me Is Simple. Here’s How It Works…

Step 1:

Select Your 12-Week Program (Accelerate or Transform)

Step 2:

After you purchase your plan you will automatically get sent the client forms. On here are 30 questions asking you everything from: past training experience, your exact goals, nutrition preferences, injuries & specific areas you want to work on. This information will be the basis of what Adam writes your plan from, as well as this Adam will need a need a 3 day food diary and x3 Day 1 Progress pictures.

Step 3:

Once returning the client forms you will receive your program within 48-72 hours and officially be part of the team and starting your transformation journey!


AJPerformance doesn’t sell 4, 6 or 8 weeks programs.

One of the common mistakes people make whilst dieting is IMPATENCE & expecting results within a couple weeks.

Because of this the MINIMUM timeframe Adam wants clients to commit to working with him is 12 WEEKS.

Once you complete your initial 12 week program you’re allowed to go onto a monthly rolling contract.

WHAT’s Included: