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The 12 Week Transform Program



1. I’m new to training, are the programs suitable for beginners?

All training plans are bespoke and tailored to YOU based off the answered you put in your client forms, so whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trainer the plan will be custom made for you.

2. Do I need to be a member of a gym to follow your programs?

Yes you do. All Adams programs are gym based, so you will need to have a gym membership.

3. How many times a week will I need to train?

Again your program will be based off your previous training experience. If you’re new to training, x3 weight sessions per week will be enough to get results, if you’re an advanced trainer is likely to be more like 4-5 sessions p/w.

4. Other than the "12 Week Transform Program” ARE there any other services Adam provides?

The next package up from the 12 Week Transform Program is Adam’s VIP PRIVATE COACHING.

Only a few select members are allowed on this program, to find out whether you’re suitable for this service please CLICK HERE to find out more.

5. What happens after the 12 week program has finished?

At the end of you program you will have a review with Adam and receive feedback on the past 12 weeks and then if you would like to continue you’re allowed to switch onto a monthly rolling contract at this stage. Adam has been working with some clients online for 5+ years!

6. What if I have a holiday during the 12 week program?

This is very common issue and not a reason to not purchase a program. Adam has teaching resources available to send you teaching you how to enjoy your holiday AND stay on track at the same time!

7. Will I need to take a lot of supplements?

No. You will need minimal supplements in your program just the core basics and the emphasis will be put on good quality nutrition.

8. Can I have 1:1 PT with Adam during the online program?

Yes you can email and book one in during your program. There will be an additional fee for this service.

9. How quickly can I expect to see results?

Within 7-14 days of following your plan you will already be starting to FEEL better. Visible changes will take longer but again depends on your previous training history and also the more you put into the plan and apply yourself the more you will get out of it.

10. Do I have to send you pictures with my top off?

You don’t have to, but it helps with online training to see how your physique is changing week by week though. No pictures will ever get shared on social media without your consent first, this is in the Trainer/Client agreement you sign after purchasing your plan.

11. If I don’t know an exercise do you have tutorial videos?

When you become an online client you will receive access to Adam’s Youtube channel to reference techniques on lifts, as well as a private video tutorials section on the website containing hundreds of exercise tutorials.

12. Do you give set meal plans or calorie/macro’s target to aim for?

Each plan is custom made to the client, so it will very much depend on the clients history with dieting, relationship with food and goals. After Adam has read the clients forms he will then decide what the best nutritional approach is from there. This could be a flexible dieting approach, could be set food plans or a combination of both.

Every member of Team AJPerformance will also receive a FREE Recipe Book (includes 12 recipes) each month to give them fresh ideas of new healthy, tasty recipes to cook.

13. Do you work with vegetarians?

Yes, Adam does work with vegetarians.