Leanne Knoxx

What’s your background / how long have you been training?

I spent most of my 20’s as a Size 12. I did hours of cardio & various ‘fad diets’ in an attempt to lose some weight & failed miserably. So I instead convinced myself that I was ‘big boned’ & just didn’t have the frame to be any smaller!

It was only when I started lifting weights & gained a better understanding of food that I began to see results and dropped down to a size 8.

Having been lifting weights for around 4 years now, I’ve developed a strong passion for the gym and eating clean. I’ve been looking to take my physique to the next level and tried various methods but only ever dropped a few pounds and failed to look much different.

What made you want to do the Photoshoot Challenge?

I’ve followed Adam on social media for a couple of years and when I saw his post about the ’12-Week Photoshoot Challenge’, I knew I had to be a part of it. I was certain that having accountability, a set time frame, the goal of the photo shoot at the end & an expert to plan all my training & diet, would finally get me the results I wanted.

I was so excited when I got the email from Adam to say I’d be chosen. I knew it was going to be hard work, but I was ready for it! I was prepared to give it 100% for the full 12 weeks and knew that if I did exactly what Adam told me, the results would follow.

How did you find the training and nutrition plans?

I loved my training plan as the workouts were tough and tested me. Sometimes coaches give us girls ‘pretty fluffy workouts’ thinking we can’t cope with heavy weights, (which we all know is BS!) This was definitely not the case with Adam & I was pushed to my limits!

The plan was lower body focused as I’d told Adam in my new client pack that this was my weakest area and where I store most fat. He therefore tailored my plan to include 3 leg sessions a week for the whole 12 weeks. This was really tough at first but my legs did get used to it… eventually!  

The nutrition plan was easy to follow, full of foods I love and didn’t even feel like a diet for the first 8 weeks! It was only towards the end of the plan, when cardio was upped & calories were dropped, that I found it pretty tough but I was starting to see big changes by that stage which kept me going until the end. I was also in a private Facebook group with Adam & the others doing the challenge so we all supported and motivated each other. I can honestly say I’ve met a great bunch of people who have now become lifelong friends.

How did the shoot go?

The photoshoot itself was great fun. I loved having my make-up, hair and tan done & the opportunity to show off all my hard work! Matt makes you feel at ease and from starting out quite stiff & nervous, you soon find yourself busting out all sorts of poses in front of the camera. It also meant I got to meet some of the others face to face and see their amazing results in the flesh!

How was having Adam as a coach?

Adam is brilliant, he gives you all the help you need and knows exactly what to change and when, in order to keep you dropping fat & get the most out of the 12 weeks. He basically hands it to you on a plate (well not literally, he doesn’t prep your meals!) and providing you commit to your side of the deal by doing everything he tells you to and giving it 100% effort, your transformation will be awesome. For anyone looking for that ‘next level’ physique, Adam is your man.

I’ll be continuing my journey using all the knowledge I’ve gained from working with Adam & always looking to be the best version of myself.

If you want to follow my journey going forward, my Instagram is @thegymgirl___