John Hendren

What’s your background / how long have you been training?

I am a personal trainer and started my own fitness business in 2016 called Dunking Juice. I have always trained. I used to play rugby, I was the 2008 Karate World Champion and did Kickboxing for 6 years. My problem though was I never stuck to a diet program and workout plan. I used to be your classic '2 weeks intense - followed by a binge drinking and eating out for 2 weeks' - Hence I got about the same results as signing up to a cross fit group :D

What made you want to do the Photoshoot Challenge?

I became a PT in 2016 and decided, in order to get clients, I have to look the part. I wanted to walk the talk. Hence I had work to do! Time to get the tupperware out, get meal prepping and start logging my workouts.

How did you find the training and nutrition plans?

Adam switched it up in week two to fit my lifestyle. I was struggling to gnaw through a steak at 06:15 before training my 06:30 client. Hence was on the oats / protein powder. This makes all the difference. GET a diet you can do and eat stuff you like. I personally don't mind eating chicken sweet potato and veg - it's crazy how much you can switch up those three ingredients when you get creative. In addition, after 3 weeks you don't really see food the same, you see it as energy as opposed to anything else. YOU DO get cheat meal cravings every now and then, however with the Facebook group support you manage to suppress those feelings and you just think about your goal.

How did you find the photoshoot / was it what you expected?

I really enjoyed it - it was so relaxed - Matt Marsh directs you and immediately when your doing your pre pump with Adam you aren’t thinking about anything at all to do with standing there in front of the camera and the other people in the room. There are definitely some pictures that I never want my mates to see… But out of the 150-200 you take, you get some which you feel proud of!

How was having Adam as a coach?

He is a great coach. Always there when you need him. Very motivating in a strict way. ONE thing I can see is that he is a hard worker. He spends the time working on your plans to make sure they are doable and suit your lifestyle and preferences. I really hope I can use him as my coach for the Pure Elite comp in April.