Eleanor Marlow

"My name is Eleanor Marlow, and since I was young I have loved sport. I was lucky enough to try rowing through my school at the age of 11, and progressed through my rowing career over 7 years, retaining 15 various Scottish Championship titles and many medals. In my last year of school, I lost the love I once had for the sport, and didn’t get on too well with a new coach, so decided to leave the sport.

After spending 2 years working hard at sprinting, I wasn’t getting anywhere with my times, despite changing my body shape and losing some weight. I was running myself into the ground, and not seeing results with my times on the track, I was tired mentally and physically and decided I needed help. It was at this point, April 2016, I got in touch with Adam about a new sporting challenge – bodybuilding.

Initially, Adam and I didn’t think about competing or shows, we just made a 12-week plan to get me the leanest I’ve been, and went for it. Immediately my food was INCREASED, and my hours in the gym decreased, with effective training plans installed. This freaked me out, but from the word ‘go’ I trusted Adam completely. I had heard of him through another one of his clients on social media, and was over the moon to become a client of his. I’ve been with Adam for 20 weeks now; I’ve competed twice – winning my first, and qualifying for UKBFF British Finals in Junior Bikini and the IFBB Diamond Cup, in my second. Yes, towards the end a ‘prep’ diet for competing is hard, but right from the start Adam has catered to my every request (and I’m a fussy one being gluten free!) and I enjoy every single meal I have… even if I’m excited for more of them after the shows!

I have learned so much about my body and how it responds to food in the last 5 months, it’s mind-blowing. Adam taught me that the MOST important thing in following a plan is to TRUST THE PROCESS. It took Adam a battle and a half to get me to take a complete rest day! Every single week my weight came down, but if it wasn’t what I was expecting for any reason I would freak out, until Adam came back to me and calmed me down and told me to trust the process.

At the end of the day, as his client I can say a million things about him, but his results speak for themselves. I was able to lose weight myself before I got in touch with Adam, but I was so unhealthy in the way I was doing it. I’m now in the best shape of my life, going to the UKBFF Finals, and I have an amazing relationship with training and with food. Adam has changed my body, shape and composition, but above that he’s changed my mind set. Even after I stop competing and take my ‘off season’, I will not be without Adam. I trust his plans, judgement and he’s got me to where I am now, and I can’t be thankful enough.

If you are considering a coach, no matter the goal: lean for an event, bodybuilding someday, wedding body mission, post-break up “in your face” body… whatever the goal, Adam is someone I truly recommend working with. It took me a while to trust in someone. I tend to think I know best, but the change in my body, mind, health and happiness is incredible since learning to trust someone else who knows their stuff, and trusting a process. Fitness will always be a part of my life, bodybuilding may even be too, but Adam will absolutely always be my coach."