Charlie Green

"I’ve been training approx. 5 years, I started out as a cardio bunny like I think all women tend to lean towards for weight loss as I was approx. 4 stone heavier than I am now. One day I decided I wanted to start weight training and I’ve never looked back, I noticed the differences so much more than I ever did with cardio.

I wanted to do the Photoshoot Challenge because I’d never had a coach before or followed a plan that was specifically made for me and having the photoshoot as a goal at the end seemed like something which would be able to keep me completely focussed on the end goal. I’d seen the results that Adam had achieved with previous clients and was excited to see how far I could push myself/be pushed.

I really enjoyed every aspect of my nutrition/training plans, each ‘phase’ lasted 4 weeks so it never became boring or repetitive and as I had an injury going into the 12 week programme, Adam made sure that we worked around it without compromising the results. 

I really enjoyed the photoshoot, I don’t enjoy being the centre of attention but Matt made me feel so comfortable and having some of the other guys from the challenge waiting there with you really helps to put you at ease as everyone is as nervous as each other! By the end of the photoshoot I was so much more relaxed and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. 

The 12 weeks I spent doing this challenge were definitely tough at times but every moment was worth it. It helped to show me the amount of discipline I’m capable of when I have a set goal in mind and it has completely changed my training and nutrition moving forward. Consistency was the key and once I started to see the changes I started to believe that I could hit that end goal and began to feel confident in my own body again. 

Adam is a great coach, he provided motivation and guidance throughout and is genuinely just a really nice guy - even though I didn’t walk properly for 3 days after the leg day he put me through! I would definitely recommend Adam as a coach and hope to step on stage with him as my coach in 2017!"